Saturday, June 18, 2011

Museum addition scheduled for 2011

Plans for the museum’s new addition are moving ahead, with construction expected to be completed around the end of the year.
The project will add about 800 sq. ft. of new exhibit space, allowing us to showcase newly acquired shipwreck artifacts, along with the expansion of other planned exhibits.  It will also allow for traveling exhibits on loan from other museums, and much needed storage space.
The museum building is being paid for by county Penny for Pinellas money, but the contents are coming from historical society funds.  We will be seeking support in the form of financial assistance and “lending a hand” to create the new exhibits.
Due to FEMA flood requirements, the existing museum will have to be elevated to match the height of the new addition.  The commission approved a revised capital budget that will make this possible.
Architect/designers Dwight and Scott Holmes told the museum board at a recent meeting that it may be possible to accomplish the elevating of the existing building in August/ September.  The museum will be closed during that time.
It is uncertain at this time whether the museum will remain open during construction of the addition.  During that time, we will be making plans for new exhibits and the renovation of existing displays.
The end result will be a redesigned museum with a new look and lots of space to present the heritage of our fabulous beach community!
This outside view shows the existing museum on the right, the new addition with closed shutters to give the appearance of windows, and new public restrooms on the left.

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